Working Together

Thank you for your interest in working together.

In a nutshell, I work with people (usually mid-senior level professionals) who are going through some type of work-related transition.

  1. Job Search: Defining and executing a plan for both passive and active job searches.
  2. Onboarding: Making a positive impact in the first 100 days of assimilating with a new company/organization.
  3. Personal Leadership Development: Sharpening the saw and growing through your personal leadership limitations.

There are several ways we can work together

First, here are some resources that I think you’ll find helpful:

1×1 Personalized Coaching

If you are a mid-senior level professional, tired of sending online job applications to HR Black Holes and want to tap into the hidden job market, I can help.

I will work directly with you to navigate the two important steps that you must go through in order to find the “Next Opportunity” that’s perfect for you:

  1. Internal Assessment: Be able to clearly articulate your skills, passions, and ideal work environment.
  2. External Marketing: A customized, step-by-step process designed to create Top Of Mind Awareness of you to targeted hiring decision makers.

As a coach, I’ve studied the game of “job search” and I understand the rules and how the different positions interact with each other (i.e. recruiters, hiring managers, CEOs). I’m the coach calling the plays, you’re the quarterback scoring the touchdowns.

Our mini strategy session got me excited that perhaps I do have a lot of offer businesses here in this area.Tracie Whiting Kipper
Japanese Language Specialist

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Executive Job Search Agent

As a Senior Executive, you have unique challenges when it comes to executing a Job Search. At the top of the list are confidentiality and time.

You don’t want your Executive Assistant to field questions from recruiters, hiring managers, and industry leaders that you need to connect with. Your busy schedule does not allow you to do the heavy lifting required.

Like an All-American Quarterback, you need a professional talent agent to represent you to interested teams.

You are looking for someone to take on an active role with the heavy-lifting of the search process as your Executive Job Search Agent.

I’d welcome the opportunity to meet with you over a “Virtual” Cup of Coffee to learn more about what you want to do and how I can help.

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Workshops and Mastermind Groups

For Individuals: Workshops and Mastermind groups can be a very cost-effective investment to Accelerate Your Career Growth. Throughout the year, I offer the 48 Days to the Work You Love Workshop both in-person and online.

For Corporate Teams: As a corporate leader, you know that your success is tied directly to the success of your team. The problem is that sometimes you get busy and forget to make sure that your team understands your vision and what’s required for success. Or, maybe you’ve had a great quarter and you want to celebrate, but just having a few beers with the team isn’t going to accelerate accomplishments. Worse yet, sometimes as a leader, we don’t get input into our own blind spots and that can lead to disaster for the team.

Our Corporate Leadership Resources work best with organizations that:

  • Understand leadership training is process driven, not event centric. Events provide inspiration but changing culture requires a process.  Whatever you don’t have a process for, you have no power over.  The Maximize Others Process walks you step by step into creating a high-trust, high-performance culture.
  • Demand leadership training that incorporates accountability. Change that sticks requires feedback and follow-up.  The Maximize Others Process blends instruction and coaching so the training sticks.
  • Values the importance of developing emotional intelligence with their teams. Nothing makes a better impression on people than the ability to manage yourself. The Maximize Others Process gives you the coaching tools you need to get to the root of business problems quickly and solve issues faster.
I believe that Mr. Schober can leverage your unique capabilities and provide a high energy, high-quality training and team building experience for your corporate clients.Dan Miller
NY Times Best Selling Author

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