what others say about working with Jon and Maximize Others Leadership Resources

I’ve been honored to work with a diverse group of leaders. It is truly humbling to receive written recommendations from former clients and colleagues. It is with great respect for these men and women that I share what they have to say about our experiences working together in different capacities:

John RussellI became acquainted with Jon several years ago and have collaborated with him in a number of areas.

Results and a high level of ethical business practices is important to us. Jon is a dedicated and sincere Business Coach who brings real results to the companies, CEO’s and individuals he serves.

Jon is honest, extremely capable and always committed to delivering outcomes that exceed client expectations. I am happy to refer him to Senior Executives, Department Managers and Individuals seeking more focused results based on who they are. Jon has a gift for this important area of expertise.

It is for this reason that I am happy to recommend him as well as work with him as a collaborative partner.

John Russell
Principal Advisor at The Russell Consulting Group

db2082a[1]I have worked with Jonathan the last few years in the launch of our new businesses in the Austin and Fort Worth, TX areas. Our company was introducing a new concept in family entertainment representing $42 million in capital and I wanted “someone from the outside” to help us navigate through the startup process.

Jon was a big factor in the successful launch of these businesses. His grasp of the business process as it meshes with the “human” process was masterful. His insight allowed us to move through many bottlenecks and avoid numerous quagmires which we had experienced in other startups.

His strengths are his ability to listen and discern the “wheat from the chaff”. He is a gifted communicator and coach/leader in both a group and individual setting.

Lastly, Jon has a sense of commitment and responsibility that is rare. Having worked with numerous consultants over the last 40 years, I can attest that Jon’s integrity and plain old “grit” separates him from others who we have worked with in the launch of 20 businesses over this time.

Please let me know if I can be of help in any way to you as you consider the merits of working with Maximize Others and Jonathan Schober. He is a special, gifted individual who has much to offer.

David Busch
Founder/President of 20+ enterprises

I believe that Mr. Schober can leverage your unique capabilities and provide a high energy, high-quality training and team building experience for your corporate clients.

Dan Miller
NY Times Bestselling Author

Leo LandaverdeI’ve had the privilege of knowing Jon since January 2015. Since then, Jon has led a mastermind group comprised of business owners from several cities across the U.S. As a C-Level Executive, I often need information at my finger tips on ways to motivate employees to reach their potential. Jon is the guy I go to for that. With an uncanny ability to make people feel at ease, Jon is a motivator at heart, with a keen sense of strategy, able to get teams working together for maximum results. I believe he can get any team to perform.

Leo Landaverde
CFO, Growth Expert & Turnaround Specialist

Clay WorleyI’ve known Jon since we first started working together at Dell in 2007. Our respective teams collaborated in establishing a formal relationship with MessageOne. Eventually, Dell would acquire MessageOne, and I’m glad that we served as catalysts together in that respect. Since then, Jon has continued on a great path of personal and professional growth. His dedication to family, teammates, and the betterment of business command respect.

Clay Worley
Global Business Executive

PeleJon Schober is the kind of coach that inspires instant trust and friendship. He has a knack for always putting YOU first. He is indeed a professional ‘maximizer’ of others! Whether you’re chatting with him over coffee or gaining deep professional insights about your personality and strengths, the feelings you experience are the same: a sense of hope, a clear vision of your future success, and a relentless sense that you are cared for and supported. I highly recommend Jon as a leadership development coach and professional maximizer of others.

Dr. Pele Ugboajah, PhD
Mentor, Motivator, Musician

JustinVoigtWe had our first team meeting using the tools that you gave us. It seems to be working because my team members are actually listening to me now. You’ve also helped us identify new revenue opportunities that we are pursuing.

– Justin Voigt
Small Business Owner

Jen-McDonough-from-www.TheIronJen.comThanks, Jon – You prompted me to get off my butt to move forward with chaplaincy services! Looking forward to updating you, but basically, things went from “on hold” to moving ahead extremely quickly – Thank you!

The Iron Jen McDonough
Motivational Speaker and Author

Tracie Whiting KipperOur mini strategy session got me excited that perhaps I do have a lot of offer businesses here in this area.

– Tracie Whiting Kipper
Japanese Language Specialist

485198_10151303134497725_1894358066_nRick and I did a version of this seminar with Jon and it was truly inspiring! I highly recommend this workshop! Especially for couples. While it is not necessarily for couples it really helped me to understand how my spouse and I work in our strengths and how we can help one another through our strengths and weaknesses.

– Elysia Barkley
Entreprenuer’s Wife

Jon is a leader, who demonstrates expertise and integrity. Jon is a professional and shines during “customer facing” engagements. Ultimately, Jon values people, and relationship building. He treats every job as an opportunity to obtain a new customer reference.

Tim Cruise
Small Business Owner

Jonathan has generously given me time and insight about business development and career transition. I left the conversation with clear and specific actions I could take immediately. I’d recommend him to anyone who’s exploring or trying to reach their full career potential.

Dylan Cornelius
PMO and Business Leader

I reached out to Jonathan for some job search advice while transitioning to a new career in tech. Jonathan provided some great feedback and resources that I believe will be essential to moving forward in my career. He has always been prompt, dependable, outgoing and friendly when we have worked together. Additionally, Jonathan has always gone above and beyond the call of duty when I asked for help. Thanks, for all you do Jonathan!

Shane Behrendt
Network Engineer

Jonathan Schober is a leader who lives a servant’s life to maximize other people. I am honored to have crossed paths with an individual whose wisdom, generosity, and tools are already reaping new benefits in my own life and career. All blessings!

Dr. Arden Dudek, PhD

Jon joined The Human Capital Group to expand our Retained Executive Search services to Austin. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, we decided to make a strategic adjustment to how we served the Austin market. Although our day-to-day business relationship has ended, I am honored that he continues to be an Ambassador for us. I consider Jon a friend, a trusted resource, and a brother in Christ. Anyone who works and/or partners with Jon will be greatly blessed as he genuinely seeks to serve and maximize others.

Steve Hayes
Sr. Partner, The Human Capital Group

Jon is an exceptional individual…Our work together was successful in large part due to Jon’s ability to understand the requirements and the implementation of complex systems. His winning personality enhanced the environment significantly. I can highly recommend Jon and would expect him to be an asset to any organization.

Dean Phillips
Small Business Owner