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Jonathan Schober
This is the cream of the crop. It’s about real results. It’s about a PROCESS you can understand. It will challenge your thinking, amplify your strengths, and unleash your power, productivity and influence.

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P.C.I. stands for Prospective Client Interview. This application is for those who are interested in my exclusive ONE-on-ONE, top-tier success coaching packages. The first step in getting massive results is completely clarifying where you are now. This will only help me serve you better with the excellence you deserve as a high achiever.  Serious applicants will be awarded access into the coaching program.

Private coaching is for those who are serious about their personal & business life and growing their brand.  I only coach a small handful of serious and committed clients at a time. This allows me to give laser focus to your situation. After your application is approved, we’ll take the next step of securing your contract.

Please note that approval is based upon my time and availability, as well as the direction of your goals and objectives.  I will take on coaching clients as my calendar allows for it. You’re paying for the time…so I will only give you that time when I can give you 110%!  As always, I look forward to seeing great things for you and for your business.

What I look for in a client is:

  1. Someone who knows the value of investing in themselves & professional development.
  2. Someone who is willing to pay to get professional help with their business building efforts.
  3. Someone who has in fact already invested money in training or consulting before, and actually did something with that training.
  4. Someone who is hiring me for my expertise and plans to heed my advice.

Conversely, here are a few things that I will not tolerate from a client:

  1. Rate-grinding.
  2. Trying to sell me a “sob story” about why I should work with you cheap (or free.)
  3. Unrealistic expectations.
  4. Constant complaining.
  5. Micromanagement.
  6. Failure to respect boundaries.

I don’t share these criteria to make you angry or to judge you; I’ve just learned who usually turns out to be a good match for working with me, and who doesn’t.

Find out if Coaching is Right for You

After you complete this brief form, you will be given the opportunity to schedule a Complimentary Strategy Session to determine if coaching is a fit for you. I look forward to connecting with you soon!