Moolah U Barracuda

MoolahUBarracuda Last week I had the pleasure to be a “Barracuda” For Moolah U. Moolah U is a summer camp that teaches kids (8-14) how to manage money and be entrepreneurs (I think that a lot of grown adults could use this type of training, don’t you?).

The first day, the kids develop a business day. The second day, they present their idea to a “Barracuda” (think Shark Tank) and ask them to invest in their business.

My team made really cool bracelets, and I invested $17 to help them get started.

The rest of the week, they hit the streets and start selling. My team was able to repay the investor (including a nice capital gain) and made a nice profit.

It’s been a highlight of my summer so far. If you’re still looking for a great experience for your kids this summer (or want to start planning for next summer), check out

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