How to Ask for H.E.L.P.

The discussion for this week’s Maximizer Mastermind Group was, “How do you ask for help.” We all come to times in our lives and our business that we need help. For many of us, it’s just plain hard to ask for help.

When asking for help, start by thinking about what type of help you’re seeking:

  • Hurt – I’m hurt and need 911. I’m not looking for long term support, I just need someone to get me to the hospital so I can get patched up.
  • Education – I need to learn about something.
  • Labor – I have a project that needs to be completed and I need someone to do the work.
  • Passion – It’s been a hard week, and I’m exhausted. I need someone who can reignite the passion inside of me.

let me know on Facebook  or LinkedIn how you ask for help.

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