Finding Work You Love

Lessons Learned from a Recent Job Search

I just met with my friend, Daniel who recently completed a successful Job Search.

Daniel is in the high tech industry in Austin, Texas and offers some great insights on how he landed a great job.

  • No Job is Safe
  • Complacency and Comfort in a role can lead to becoming irrelevant
  • When a manager or company shows you what their like, BELIEVE THEM!

  • Hustling for worth and validation is a clear indication that it’s time to leave
  • Working for a verbally abusive boss is not Ok…LEAVE
    • BONUS: Take the time to heal
  • Build your confidence by doing volunteer work or something you enjoy while in “job search” mode
  • You are good enough as you are. You deserve to be respected.

Here are some resources you may find helpful during your search:

Make sure to give your spouse a hug and be encouraged these Words of Hope from God’s Living Word.

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