COO Forum

Exclusive Monthly Mastermind Group for COOs and Second Chair Operational Leaders

Professional Development for the COO and the Second-in-Command

We are a professional development association of Second-in-Command Executives: Chief Operating Officers, Operating CFOs, General Managers, Divisional Presidents, Operating CIOs, and Executive Vice Presidents. We serve with integrity, providing value to our Members, to our Member’s companies, and to our overall business community.

Our goals are to provide a collaborative, peer learning forum of Chief Operating Officers and other Second-in-Command Executives. To expand individual Member’s professional development. To develop and share COO-specific best practices. To connect the greater Second-in-Command community. To broaden understanding and awareness throughout the greater business community of the Second-in-Command and its crucial role.

Upcoming Meeting (December 12, 2017)

Preparing for 2018

2018 is almost here. What do you plan on STOPPING, STARTING, and CONTINUING next year?








At the COO Forum professional development is targeted at COO specific Emerging Best Practices. Focusing on best practices, our members explore and learn new and emerging ideas, solutions, processes, and tools.
We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7-8:30 am at Duo Works (Corner of Mopac and 183)


We are a small group association and we typically have between 8-12 members at each of our meetings. Our meeting agenda consists of a welcome and member introductions, executive session, and a thought leader or best practice topic, ending with a firm close. We are always business first.

Areas of Expertise

Each Member has far more experience than just their current role. They bring to the table their entire career’s experience and background. Member’s share those Areas of Expertise in the COOeForum  facilitating the Member’s ability to seek out colleagues who may have the knowledge they are seeking .


Chapter Directors and Members provide an extensive wealth of talent and know-how. COO Forum Member companies can tap into these capabilities when looking outside for help.


No prospecting or selling is one of the values at the COO Forum. Nevertheless, many Members find excellent solutions through the COO Forum’s network of companies resulting in effective company business relationships.

Social Benefits

The COO Forum is a business-focused association. However one of the outcomes for many COO Forum members is getting to know and participating with other Members socially.
The meetings cover a wide range of leadership topics with a vast amount of industries represented. Hearing from leaders outside of my field of expertise dealing with similar issues and problems in their field gives me a new perspective for solutions.Mike Mealey
COO, Hospice Care, Charlotte Chapter

Jonathan SchoberCOOs often reflect on their organization’s issues and question how to maximize their value in their unique and complicated second-in-command roles. The COO Forum provides an opportunity to discuss these critical issues, engage with both peers and thought leaders to help broaden your perspective, cultivate new ideas and be a more effective leader.

Please accept this personal invitation to join us at an upcoming COO Forum meeting as my guest.

Here to serve,

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Suite #250
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