Coffee with Jon and The Iron Jen

Serving those who serve our communities most


Each week you’re invited to join me for a cup of coffee with an interesting and inspiring person. This week, it is my pleasure to have coffee with Jen McDonough.

Serving those who serve our communities most

TheIronJenJen is passionate about building stronger organizations, communities, and families by helping first responders and those who work in high stress environments find their iron strength in the face of adversity through my 20+ year experiences of becoming a:

  • Ironman triathlete after not being able to run, bike, or swim.
  • Eight-time national Olympic-style weightlifter and two-time U.S. Olympic Festival medal winner after starting off with a broomstick.
  • Author of three Amazon Top 100 books in one year after being ridiculed as a child and an adult for my grammar skills (one of those books has been in Amazon’s Kindle Top 100 for over 3 years while another one hit #1 in Amazon’s budgeting category).
  • Debt free family after having paid off over $212,000 worth of debt & medical expenses in 4 years after not being able to pay our monthly expenses.
  • Certified firefighter 1 & 2 and first responder after not being all that fond of heights, confined spaces, and fire.
    Empowered parent of a child who was diagnosed with an incurable lifetime medical condition after being emotionally & financially devastated

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Husband, father, corporate leader, small business owner. Wherever I've been, and whatever title I've held, I've always focused on the strengths in others to stimulate personal and group excellence. My roles have always been leadership, and I'm at my best when I'm transforming something strong into something superb. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.