Coffee with Jon and Rick Barkley

Career Changes


CoffeewithRickEach week you’re invited to join me for a cup of coffee with an interesting and inspiring person. This week, it is my pleasure to have coffee with Rick Barkley.

Rick is a person who has never met a stranger and loves adventure. Rick felt trapped in his job and decided to take action. In less than two years he moved completely away from a career in sales to software development.

Take a break, and join us for a cup of coffee.


I love Rick. He and I were partners with the eLearning business Nuvola Networks.

As you join us for Coffee with Jon, you’ll learn how Rick

  • Moved from enterprise Sales to Software development WITHOUT a college degree (in computer science)
  • Is now a software developer for Austin Ventures backed Virtual Bridges
  • The importance of not limiting yourself
  • How he become a Moodle expert
  • An expert is just someone who knows more than the “average” person
Next week Jon is starting up a class on 48 days to the Job you love and has been a very instrumental part of Rick’s career change!Elysia Barkley
Rick's Wife

Husband, father, corporate leader, small business owner. Wherever I've been, and whatever title I've held, I've always focused on the strengths in others to stimulate personal and group excellence. My roles have always been leadership, and I'm at my best when I'm transforming something strong into something superb. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.