Coffee with Jon and John Russell

How to serve in the "Professional Services" industry


John RussellEach week you’re invited to join me for a cup of coffee with an interesting and inspiring person. This week, it is my pleasure to have coffee with John Russell.

How to serve in the Professional SERVICES industry

John Russell has been a Business Adviser since 1992. He serves small to medium size companies that are interested in strategically aggressive growth.

Expand your services beyond your “niche” and become a “trusted adviser” to your clients


Take a break, and join us for a cup of coffee.



Men-in-row-boat-oaring1John will be speaking September 24th at the Attract Extraordinary Talent. Build Legendary Teams. workshop.

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Husband, father, corporate leader, small business owner. Wherever I've been, and whatever title I've held, I've always focused on the strengths in others to stimulate personal and group excellence. My roles have always been leadership, and I'm at my best when I'm transforming something strong into something superb. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.