Coaching FAQ

Jonathan SchoberPrivate coaching is for those who are serious about their personal & business life and growing their brand.  I only coach a small handful of serious and committed clients at a time. This allows me to give laser focus to your situation.

If you haven’t done so already, please register for one of my Complimentary Strategy Sessions:

During our Strategy Session, you can ask me any question that will help you make a decision and move forward towards your goals and overcoming your obstacles.

Here to serve

Why did you become a coach?

I spent 15 years in the IT world and had already made a significant career transition from IT Operations to IT Services Marketing.

In 2011 I was laid off from Dell, and was in a position were I could take a sabbatical and plan out my next season. I began investing in myself with coaching.

Through coaching, I found tremendous clarity in my own dreams and visions and how my unique set of skills could help Maximize Others. In September 2014 I sold my small eLearning business and shifted exclusively to Professional Coaching.

Do you have a faith perspective?

I was blessed to be raised in a Pastor’s home (my father is an Assemblies of God minister), and am very much a follower of Christ Jesus.

My home church is GT Austin where my brother-in-law is the pastor and I’m actively involved in different church plants and other ministries within the church.

When it comes to coaching, my key verse is Proverbs 25:2, “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a thing.” As a coach, I help “kings” search out the gifts (vision, passion) that God has hidden from them. It is through this active searching that we develop the character that we need to complete the calling that God has on our lives.

Are you being coached by anyone?

Absolutely! I really value the power of coaching, and it would be pretty inconsistent if I was not being coached myself. Over the years, I’ve worked with several different coaches including Dan Miller, Kent Julian, and Dennis McIntee. Feel free to ask me who I’m working with now.

What are you looking for in a client?

  1. Someone who knows the value of investing in themselves & professional development.
  2. Someone who is willing to pay to get professional help with their business building efforts.
  3. Someone who has in fact already invested money in training or consulting before, and actually did something with that training.
  4. Someone who is hiring me for my expertise and plans to heed my advice.

What will you not tolerate from a client?

  1. Rate-grinding.
  2. Trying to sell me a “sob story” about why I should work with you cheap (or free.)
  3. Unrealistic expectations.
  4. Constant complaining.
  5. Micromanagement.
  6. Failure to respect boundaries.

I don’t share these criteria to make you angry or to judge you; I’ve just learned who usually turns out to be a good match for working with me, and who doesn’t.

What is the investment that is required for 1x1 Coaching Services?

You will need to be prepared to invest the time and energy that is needed to meet your goals.

A vision that can be captured overnight is not worthy of pursuit.

The financial investment required varies based on your unique needs. During your Complimentary Coaching Session we will discuss the different options that will help you meet your goals.

Will I be able to contact you outside of our scheduled sessions?

Unlike most coaches, for clients that choose monthly recurring sessions, you will have tremendous personal 1×1 access to me. In addition to our monthly scheduled sessions you can:

  • Email me and expect a response within 48 hours
  • Send me a text message
  • Join me in-person at a number of networking events

Finally, I will give you access to my calendar and you can book a 1×1 phone call anytime you need my help between coaching sessions.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. I want you to be fully confidant that you are going to get value from our sessions.

If, within 10 days of our first paid coaching session you do not feel that you are going to receive the value and results that you expected, simply send me an email and cancel. I will fully refund your payment and stop any recurring payments.

The only risk you take is the delay in achieving your dreams by not getting started.

What if I want to wait to get started?

If you’ve gotten to this point, you’ve shown that you’re motivated, and have been spending time considering your next step. I’m certain that you’ve listened to some great podcasts and read some outstanding books – Keep it up.

I’m committed to answering all of your questions and helping you make a decision within 7 days.

I want you to take the time that you need to make an informed decision. If you choose to not get started at this time I wish you the very best and hope that I can serve you at a later time.