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Aligning all the parts of our life

One of the major themes for me in 2015 was “alignment.” I took purposeful steps and actions to align all the different “pieces” of my life (family, church, work, etc.) to be focused in a single direction.

We spend over 50% of our waking time “working,” but is our work “aligned” with what God has called us to do? I made a business decision to be very upfront with my faith in relation to work. “Maximize Others” is as much my “work” and “ministry.”

It is easy to compartmentalize your “work” from the rest of your life.

Over the holidays, I had the privilege of being the guest host for The Chas Winckel Live Show. On Monday’s episode, I was joined by Dan Walters of C12 Central Texas.

Dan Walters Photo Dan Walters is an experienced business leader and improvement coach with a passion for helping other leaders and their teams align their work and their faith.

He worked for 23 years with Saudi Aramco (formerly ARAMCO), the world’s largest producing oil company, as Chief of Staff to various executives.  He was responsible for strategic planning, leadership development, and large-scale change initiatives.  He is a proven, gifted facilitator who has helped diverse executive teams to routinely meet stretch goals, competing objectives, and challenging deadlines.

Join us as we talk about:

  • Learning to live in Babylon
  • How life is like an Oreo cookie
  • The three things that were in the garden

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