Finding Work You Love

Lessons Learned from a Recent Job Search

I just met with my friend, Daniel who recently completed a successful Job Search.

Daniel is in the high tech industry in Austin, Texas and offers some great insights on how he landed a great job.

  • No Job is Safe
  • Complacency and Comfort in a role can lead to becoming irrelevant
  • When a manager or company shows you what their like, BELIEVE THEM!

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From Dream to Demonstration

Life is a process

Don’t you love Comic Book movies? Spider Man is awesome. Like me, Peter Parker is this geeky, kinda shy, teenager who one day gets bit by a bug and the next day he’s Spiderman with superpower spider senses.

Don’t you wish real life was like the movies?

You know, you’re a normal nobody plodding along and you get bit by the “bug.” A short 5 minutes later of montage transformation and you’re living your dream.

Well, as we know, real life is not like the movies…In real life, there is a process that you MUST go through in order to live your dream (and it takes time!!!)

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Christians In Business

Aligning all the parts of our life

One of the major themes for me in 2015 was “alignment.” I took purposeful steps and actions to align all the different “pieces” of my life (family, church, work, etc.) to be focused in a single direction.

We spend over 50% of our waking time “working,” but is our work “aligned” with what God has called us to do? I made a business decision to be very upfront with my faith in relation to work. “Maximize Others” is as much my “work” and “ministry.”

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Passions vs. Values

how to align your passions with God's original blueprint for your life

Do you feel like your vision has a sense of contribution on a grand scale to the world? Do you sometimes feel like there is a battle between what you want to do, and what God wants you to do?

When I began making the transition from Corporate IT to Professional Coaching, Training, and Mentoring, this video by Lance Wallnau was one of the first training’s that I watched at it made a huge impact on me.

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Live Life With More Meaning, Margin, and Money

the power of using Virtual Assistants

Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the different tasks that you need to get done each day? Would you like to be able to focus on the 2 or 3 things that you do best? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a personal assistant who could help you build your business?

Mathew Casteel works with some of the coolest people in the Coaching and Mentoring space by helping them imagine, create, build, and manage their online platforms.

His expertise is helping entrepreneurs utilize Virtual Assistants to free up their time so they can focus on the 2 or 3 things that they do best. Learn more about Matthew at

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How to Ask for H.E.L.P.

The discussion for this week’s Maximizer Mastermind Group was, “How do you ask for help.” We all come to times in our lives and our business that we need help. For many of us, it’s just plain hard to ask for help.

When asking for help, start by thinking about what type of help you’re seeking:

  • Hurt – I’m hurt and need 911. I’m not looking for long term support, I just need someone to get me to the hospital so I can get patched up.
  • Education – I need to learn about something.
  • Labor – I have a project that needs to be completed and I need someone to do the work.
  • Passion – It’s been a hard week, and I’m exhausted. I need someone who can reignite the passion inside of me.

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Moolah U Barracuda

MoolahUBarracuda Last week I had the pleasure to be a “Barracuda” For Moolah U. Moolah U is a summer camp that teaches kids (8-14) how to manage money and be entrepreneurs (I think that a lot of grown adults could use this type of training, don’t you?).

The first day, the kids develop a business day. The second day, they present their idea to a “Barracuda” (think Shark Tank) and ask them to invest in their business.

My team made really cool bracelets, and I invested $17 to help them get started.

The rest of the week, they hit the streets and start selling. My team was able to repay the investor (including a nice capital gain) and made a nice profit.

It’s been a highlight of my summer so far. If you’re still looking for a great experience for your kids this summer (or want to start planning for next summer), check out

Serve With Generosity

Jennifer and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kent Julian at Show up and Shine blog. Thanks, Kent, for letting us be a part of your team. You are AWESOME!!!


If you boiled life down to one philosophy that brings meaning and adds value to your life no matter what circumstances you face, what is that philosophy for you?

Jennifer: I was created by God, therefore, I matter. I have faith that Jesus is my Savior and because of His death on the cross, I do not have to live under the guilt of my sin. I have the power, authority, and privilege of talking to God, and I have real hope that will not disappoint in the end.

Jonathan: I am at my best when I help others to be their best. How can I serve someone and help them be their best? Maybe it’s a word of encouragement or maybe a brainstorming session. Maybe it’s connecting them to someone else they need on their team.

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