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3DBookCover3HOW MANY TIMES have you seen the need to change or the need for an addition or the need for something new…whether a program or a building or a ministry…but somehow it was never realized? It was a good idea, maybe even a great idea, but…that’s all that happened…it was just an idea or a reoccurring thought that never materialized.

Was it good enough to actually have been produced or developed? If so, why wasn’t it acted upon? Why didn’t it go beyond the “idea” or the “dream”?

Many leaders, pastors, and parents see the need for many things…but somehow that is as far as it goes. Of course, “seeing” is only the beginning of the process…there is much more that must happen in order to bring such a vision into reality.

This book is certainly not an exhaustive study on the topic, but it is a book that hopefully will stir something in every leader, pastor, and parent to want to go beyond simply “seeing” the possibilities. It is the desire of the authors that the contents in each chapter will challenge the spirit in each reader to take on the next step and then the one after that until the project is completed and victory can be claimed.

It is believed that both groups and individuals will benefit by considering the stories and the suggestions that are interwoven into the text of the enclosed chapters. There is a logical process that must be followed to achieve success; and when it is followed, the possibility of “mission accomplished” is almost surely guaranteed.

God wants us to have good success. The Word assures us that we are triumphant; we are more than conquerors; we are the head not the tail; we are meant to be winners not losers!

To have good success requires a process to be developed. As has been said on many an occasion: “It is hard by the yard, but a cinch by the inch.” Take on any project and accomplish the goal one step at a time…and eventually those “steps” will add up to a big success.

We trust that these few chapters will stir you into action! If God has given you a dream or a vision, you must articulate it and initiate action, be persistent when you face obstacles, and you will in time put the “finishing touches” on a job well done. Remember this: “With God all things are possible!”

Vic Schober and Jonathan Schober

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